RANSLive Web Portal

The RANSLive portal is a one-stop shop for our clients to view their bills and related aircraft movement reports. It will also post news and announcements about RANS and provide relevant information that is of interest to all our aviation partners.

The ANFC Unit is now Route Air Navigation Services.


EID AL FITR AL MUBARAK 11-May-2021 12:36:48 PM by Administrator
Route Air Navigation Services 18-Jan-2021 01:57:00 PM by Administrator

Kindly be informed that we are changing our unit name from ANFC to RANS (Route Air Navigation Services).

The portal is now accessible via https://rans.caam.gov.my

Your existing accounts and passwords are not affected and can be used in the new po... Read More

Bills and invoices will be in Malaysia Ringgit - MYR 14-Apr-2020 11:47:34 AM by Administrator

  • Due to the new Terms & Conditions, all transactions, bills and invoices will be in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR).
  • The ANFC invoice can be downloaded from the email notifications via the download link or by logging-on to the ANFC Web portal.

Spam and Email Scam 07-Aug-2019 08:03:48 PM by Administrator

Please be advised that an email scam is circulating and telling a change in our bank account number.  Please ignore this kind of email as it is a scam.  Any changes in the CAAM bank account, if there is any, will be properly endorsed by CAAM.

Payment Method 18-Jun-2019 12:10:49 PM by ANFC

Dear Customers,

Please be advised that all payments using Cash and Cheque term is only available through the bank counter. All Cash and Cheque Deposit Machine is unavailable for CAAM account.

Thank You